Eat Great Lose Weight

We guide and educate you down a delicious journey through the pant sizes

Specializing in helping young women build bodies they love. We teach you how to eat and train how you want with out sacrificing results. Lose A Pant Size In 30 Days!

Bad Eating Habits Can get out of control...

If you are feeling like your eating habits have gotten out of control we get it. Life is busy, fast food is convenient and no one taught us how to be lean and healthy without feeling deprived.

This step by step guide will have you feeling amazing in no time!


opp menu

Perfectly Portioned Menus

Delicious and calculated for your desired look

preparing food

Full Training

How and why the system works. Once you understand the process the more enjoyable the journey becomes.

Short-term and Long-Term Success

You'll see and feel the difference in the first week and for years to come.

How it works.

Our Perfect Portions

We can help in 3 easy steps:

1. Just schedule a no-strings consultation

2. Together, we will create a customized plan that fits your budget and lifestyle

3. Say Goodbye To Food Addiction And Watch your body TRANSFORM before your very eyes

Why Settle for a body you don't love

Being overweight holds you back. It’s a burden on your body and your mind.

Lose a pant size in the first month and another the next. Your going to feel nourished and amazing!

Happy Healthy Clients

“I thought I was lean when I started, in six short weeks my body started shredding I couldn’t believe it. It was so easy to follow.”

Tony M

“I started Our Perfect Portions with Jeremy in May. At first I was so frustrated with everything I thought I knew about nutrition and exercise. He took everything I knew and tossed it out the window. It truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of sustainable possibilities. I’m in a much happier place. Not only has Jeremy been available around the clock, with support and information he also approaches every concern and frustration with kindness and respect. If you haven’t tried his program you are missing out.”

Sam N

“Amazing program! Finally my body did what I wanted it to do. All we changed was my diet a bit, incredible.”

Brian J 

“I love how many food options I have. The grocery shop was so much fun and I learned so much. The menu is so easy to follow I feel amazing”

Cindy L

We can help. All it takes is a short conversation.

What you will get

Our Perfect Portions

You pick the food we pick the portion size. Lose a pant size the first month and another the next.

Full Resistance Training Regime

The fastest and easiest way to shred the pounds so you can feel SEXY in your own skin. 

Live Portioning Consultations

This program is designed to be as unique as you are. Via Skype we will meet you in the grocery store or your kitchen to co-create a delicious menu out of the foods you love.

Weekly Q & A

For the extra push  when you need it the most. 

Here For You

We are always available for extra help. Book directly into our online calendar.

Supportive Facebook Comunity

Making changes can be difficult if you don’t have the support you need. Don’t wait join our Facebook group click here right now

Have Questions? We've got Answers

Yes definitely, take a picture on day one because the results happen so fast.

No, you won’t be hungry. The amount of food is probably more than you are used to eating. You will be surprised how much nutrition it takes to build a strong lean body.

No, you pick all the foods on your menu and believe it or not there are no foods that do not fit. The science is in the numbes.

No, it is a lot cheaper because you are not eating out as often and buying a lot of extra junk food you don’t need.

No, pre-planning your meals saves hours every single week. Being prepared is half the battle.

No, it is a very simple step by step guide that lays it all out for you.