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3 Reasons why you aren't losing weight

I’m actually going to answer this questions with a few questions of my own. 

1) Exactly how many calories do you burn per day?

2) What does that look like on a plate? 

3) Exactly how many calories do you eat per day?

4) How many calories do you burn that you don’t eat per day?

If you answered “I don’t know?” to ANY or All 4 of these questions that is the exact reason you aren’t losing weight. It’s not your fault nobody teaches us this stuff. I was in the same boat I remember the day when my frustration turned to hope. I saw 2 of my friends, they were brothers. They decided to compete in a body building show. When they told me, I didn’t really think much of it at the time. I wasn’t interested in becoming a body builder. Then I saw their bodies changing… really fast. I had seen people lose weight before, but this was different. They went from 260+ lbs. to around 205 and one brother came 1st in the show and the other came 3rd. I had to know what they were doing so I asked, “Hey man how the hell did you do that?” I expected him to give me a list of steroids, but he didn’t he said The only thing I changed was my diet. He said he hired a nutrition coach and he followed exactly what he said to do and that was it. “Well Can I have his number?” LOL He said yes and I called his coach. I was 237 Lbs. at the time… I asked him if he would teach me and he did. He taught me everything….. I lost 60 lbs. of fat and gained 30 lbs of muscle.

Once you learn the answer to all of these questions not only will you be losing weight but you will know exactly how fast you are going to be losing it. Starving your self is not the answer… Doing 2 hour workouts is not the answer…. Quitting all of your favorite foods is not the answer… Feeling deprived is not the answer…

Once you find out the answer to these 4 questions and you realize how easy it is to use food as a powerful tool for weight loss then your success is a mathematical certainty. For the FREE answer to how many calories you burn per day enter simply enter your information to the calculator on my blog Page beside this post. If you want to lose 1 lb per week take 500 calories off the daily requirements. If you want to lose 2 lbs per week take 1000 off. The science is in the numbers. Then to put those numbers to real food is where I come in. Book a delicious menu session and lets create a solid plan of action out of the foods you eat every day.

 Or for you do it your self group of people all the answer to the rest of these questions and a detailed plan of action check the new book “Lose Weight Fast And Easy” With Our Perfectly Portioned menu system. There is 17 different menus all perfectly portioned with specific amounts of delicious food. The menus range from 1100 – 4400 with increments no further than 200 calories. It’s a delicious choose your own adventure. 

Step 1) Enter your information into the calculator 

Step 2) Choose between 1-2 lbs per week of fat loss  

Step 3)Book a “Diet Discovery Session” and lets have a lite conversation about your unique situation. We are here for you and we care.

Step 4) Join the amazing and supportive Facebook Community and join the tribe.